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The Royal Rumble.  Amazing event held at Pax this year (2014) featuring some of my favorite people in the industry.  Pictured above: Alex Navarro, Dave Lang, Jeff Gerstmann, John Drake, Greg Miller, Jeff Green, Tim Schafer, Risse Sullivan

Jess Danger & Handsome Dings Escape from Nerdopolis

Brad Shoemaker aided by the Dark Lord himself embarks on a treacherous journey through Boletaria

You are generalizing quite a bit about what Sonic fans want. Individual Sonic fans know exactly what they want, but Sonic has been so many things over the last 20+ years that everybody gets attached to different versions. I, for example, love "Sonic the Racing Game", as portrayed in Sonic Unleashed and Generations. Others want more platforming-focused games like Colors or Lost World. Others still only care about the comics. Sega let Sonic be *everything*, and now no one thing can please everyone

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I think what you wrote there at the end “no one thing can please everyone” is basically how I see it.  Personally I just felt a bit strange seeing this cacophony of outrage start to form over the fact that Sonic is wearing a scarf or that Knuckles is “big”.  The changes didn’t look very egregious to me but then again I’m not a die hard Sonic fan either.  From what I saw it was 4 popular Sonic characters running around fast on an island, which to me is what Sonic was always about.  While I’m sure some people love the kart racing, and I don’t fault them for it, Sonic was and always should be some form of platformer that involves loops, spirals, animals in computers and a Casino Zone.  Of course this begs the question: was Sonic /ever/ really that good to begin with?  To which I would probably say no, as it was a very colorful and cool looking game, but even back in the 90’s I remember it played chaotically and a lot of the levels just weren’t that fun to navigate.

Jess Danger and Handsome Dings try to escape planet LameButts



What am I doing with my life

clearly not playing dark souls

Also not playing enough Demon’s Souls

Jess Danger tries to rescue Handsome Dings from the evil clutches of the Vampire Queen, Darlene - who is guarded by one of the gayest Smoking Dragons around.


Cara Ellison interviews a developer at Crytek about Crysis 3 and instinctively steers the conversation off topic and onto computer hardware fetishization.  Awkwardness ensues.  

Space Dings and Jessica ~ Space Adventures! [ featuring @itsdings & @jessica ]


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I’m all for banging the arts

@itsdings working out and @jessica being pleased

Life of @degg - Exploring Holes

Pregnant Ladies Exercising

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